Today I finally left the house and came back to work. It’s not being an easy day. I’m scared, I miss home, I had to sleep on the sofa with my boyfriend because Rosa peed on our bed as revenge for not being allowed on the sofa, you know, usual stuff. I woke up in the morning and I almost couldn’t do it. I mean, I could wake up easily, I could get up. I guess my night pills are no longer making me totally high. But I felt I couldn’t leave the safety of my house, deal with people, be a person. My boyfriend encouraged me by saying “You can do it. You already left the bed (or the couch, because of the f***** * dog), which is the worst part. Come on, after the first day you’ll be fine.” so I got dressed (I had showered and done my hair last night), washed my face, brushed my teeth, ate the cereal that I’m addicted to (Come on, I needed encouragement), fixed my hair a little, started doing my make up, poked my eye with my mascaraa because I no longer remembered how to put my makeup on, decided I would finish in the car and we left the house. I finished my makeup in the car and spilled powder foundation all over me… Thank god I always carry baby wipes. I finally managed to finish my makeup and I was physically ready for the day. My head, that’s a different story! But I’m here, waiting for my next student to show up. I don’t feel comfortable yet, but I will be. This is me. I work. I love to work. I work more than most people. So I will work, and I will like it.

I will update you guys tonight, after my day is finished. Early, which is a victory.

Please be with me.