Why I didn’t watch the Oscars

Me, Cheila, Oscar lover, didn’t watch the ceremony this year. It’s probably the first year it has happened since maybe 2011. And why, you guys ask. Because I was too tired! What the what? Yes. I had watched all the movies (except half of Lion), I had forced my boyfriend to watch Hacksaw Ridge and Hell or High Water with me after dinner and then, 30 minutes before the show started (here it aired at 1.30 a.m) I felt so tired and decided that I couldn’t make it. What a disappointment. Every year, around November, I start to look at Oscar nominees predictions. Then, I anxiously await the nominations and start picking favorites and reading about winner predictions. After that, I spend the whole night surrounded by snacks, waiting not so patiently for Best Picture. This year, I was too tired and had to go to bed. For the love of Leo DiCaprio, what a mess. Anyways, I know who won. I’m happy about it. Yes, I wanted La La Land to win too, I was between those two and Hacksaw Ridge. I also know about the confusion with the card and the winner. Come one, it’s not even similar. Maybe because both have l’s? I don’t know.

Because it’s Monday I owe you guys a weekend recap:

Friday night: On Friday night, my boyfriend called me and said “I’m on my way home, get dressed because I’m going to take you somewhere”. Okay. That usually means food so I quickly got into the shower, got dressed and put my makeup on. We went to a Chinese buffet and it was really good. Then I think we watched something. Maybe This is us? I can’t remember! Oh, and the dog got a bath.

Saturday: On Saturday we got up late, went for breakfast at a local cafe, went shopping at Aldi and to a flower shop where I bought my little new plants. We came home, I filmed my grocery haul video, we took care of some laundry while we deep cleaned the kitchen and cooked. At night we watched Fences. I read a few pages of my friend’s book.

Sunday: On Sunday we deep cleaned our bathroom, cleaned our living room and bedroom and organized things around the house, always while taking care of laundry. We had leftovers for dinner and watched Hacksaw Ridge and Hell or High Water, and the rest you know. Oh and I also bought a pink mirror and a pink lamp so I can have a better place to do my hair and make up. My boyfriend showers first and leaves the bathroom mirror all foggy and wet and disgusting, so I needed to create a space where I could actually see myself. I’m not very good at doing my makeup by guess.

Today I woke up with a cold! Nice! My friends were supposed to come for some tea this afternoon but they’re also sick. So, here I am, writing to my dear readers. Would you like to know my plans for this week? Okay.

  • Tomorrow is Carnival here, so nobody works. Rui and I decided we are going to take care of the garden and vegetable garden, clean it a little, plant some seeds, etc. I need to clean my windows and doors. I would like to do that today, let’s see how I feel later. Also, I need to take care of more laundry, as usual and wash some blankets and duvets and pillows. I also need to go to the pharmacy and get some more medication, some of them are running out.
  • On Wednesday I go back to work and I’m a little nervous about it. I haven’t been working for weeks, I need to have a few meetings, adjust some schedules, tell some people “no” and organize a bunch of stuff. Also, my office needs to be deep cleaned and I don’t feel like doing it, ha! I will try to schedule a doctor’s appointment (probably they only have an opening next month) and a therapy session for this week.
  • On Thursday I go back to University and I need to talk to a few professors. Tell them that I’ve been missing school because I’m sick, catching up on some materials etc.
  • On Friday, it’s work again, getting into my normal routine, hopefully. I will try to scratch some things of my to-do list and I will tell you guys all about it. I’ve done two, actually. I cleaned inside and outside the kitchen cabinets, moved a few things around for better access, etc. I also bathe the dog, actually, my boyfriend did. And so now, the 24th will be the official doggy maintenance day. We will bathe her, clean her ears, etc.


I hope every one of my readers is well and happy. If not, you can talk to me. Did you guys watch the Oscars? How was your weekend?Β Tell me what you are up to this week.

Lots of love and big hugs.



19 thoughts on “Why I didn’t watch the Oscars

  1. I didn’t watch the Oscars either because of the time difference. But a friend of mine worked on the animated short “Piper” and they won! It is cool to see him holding an Oscar! This weekend, I read half a book and finished my Italian book (though that doesn’t mean I am any better at the language ;). Sorry you’re sick, I hope you feel better soon!

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