Dear followers, today is a very special day for me. I have 100 followers! I mean 100 people are interested in me and my writing? I cannot believe it. I feel so humbled and filled with joy. I never thought I had an interesting voice but, as it turns out, I do have something to say. And you guys read! I just love that so much. I’m also completely surprised because my blog is a baby! It turns one month in 3 days. How did I get 100 amazing followers in a month? This is a dream. I want you, dear readers, to know that I will keep being honest and open, listening to you, following your journey (I do read your blogs!!) and being here for you, if you need someone to talk to. Thank you for all the love and support.

Rosa wanted to say thank you too, so:

Rosa: 100? I don’t know how much that is but it must mean a lot of snacks!

77 thoughts on “100 followers!

    • I guess my only secret is that I try to interact with people as much as I can. I follow every blog I like, I follow everyone that follows me, I always read, like and comment their posts. Thank you for your kind words.

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  1. Hello, we talked earlier I am deleting this current webpage for my blogs and creating a new one in a few hours. (long story) anyways, I would love for you to stay connected please send me an email at qgren17@hotmail.com so I can find you on my new site.


      • Me, too. I try to find new blogs and read blogs a little each day. I can’t do as much as I like, too much going on with work and the family but I make a good effort. How often do you post?


        • I try to post every day. I have skipped some days but usually every day. sometimes more than one post. Today, for example, I posted what I was planning and then I was nominated for an award and took care of that immediately, so 2 for today.


          • Nice. I do posts on Mon, Wed, and Fri. I’m all planned though April. I have most of March posts actually written and scheduled. I’m hoping to have March done by the end of February (except the posts where I’m waiting for new books to publish or shows to air). I’d like to be a month ahead so I don’t get too anxious when I lose momentum or struggle a bit which is bound to happen sooner or later.


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