Meet Rosa – The cutest dog ever!

First of all, I feel that I need (we all do) do thank Steph from ScaleitSimple for the best blog party! Well, it was my first but I thought it was awesome so for me is the best ever! I got to meet such amazing people (I think I followed about everyone), read great blogs (which I still want to really get into and read every single post!) and now I have 40 followers, before my 1 month blog anniversary, which is something I thought would take me months to achieve. I’m so in love with blogging right now. The interaction, the sweet comments, to be able to make someone’s day a little better. It makes my heart so happy. Thank you Steph, you’re the best, your blog is great and you deserve all the love!

Anyway, I feel like it’s time for you to meet my dog, Rosa, and the story of how we got her.


WTF, mom? You’re going to write about me?

Rosa was born on May 6th, 2015. She is almost two years old. I chose her name because it means “pink” in Portuguese and because it is a woman’s name here in Portugal. I like human names for dogs. Before we had her, Rui hated dogs and was afraid of them. It took him a while to get used to her, but now he loves her so much and she is a “daddy’s girl”.


Proof: She’s sleeping on top of him like he’s a mattress

We decided to get a dog because it’s thought to help people with depression. Also because I insisted a lot. Rui finally gave in and we decided we would adopt. I specifically wanted a girl. At the time, I had a student whose dog had just had babies and she said I she would give me one. She told me about them and talked about this little puppy that was the most active and was always climbing on top of the others and trying to bite everyone. I loved the fact that such a little thing already had such a big personality and I said I wanted that exact puppy. Little did I know that those words would later bite me in the ass… literally. Now we just had to wait two months, until she would stop breastfeeding. They started calling her Rosa right away and would show me pictures and updates. A few days before we were supposed to pick her up, my student asked “are you sure you still want this one? She is the ugliest one. You can pick another if you want.” and I said no, that I wanted the one that I had picked months before. That was Rosa. That was my puppy. And so we got her.

Pictures from the day we got her:



She was a very difficult puppy indeed! She destroyed countless bed and blankets, shoes, toys, she would bite our hands, and behave badly in general. We knew it was normal but it was also difficult and not helpful with my anxiety at all. For a while, we thought we might have made a mistake. Then we decided that maybe the problem was the fact that she was alone all day, inside an apartment. We then decided to move, for many reasons, but also for her, so she could have more space. We moved from an apartment to a house, where she has a huge backyard. She immediately changed. She spends all day outside, chasing birds and flies and barking with her dog friends so, at the end of the day, she is calm and mostly wants to cuddle. She still does some naughty things like pulling clothes out of the clothes line, destroying the fence, and stealing a kiwi and leave it in the living room (what the what? a kiwi?). She has such a fun personality, and she is so loving and sweet.

Just chillin and watching TV with daddy
The inevitable stolen kisses!


Dear Rosa, you’ve made our life so much happier! You’ve brought us so much joy and funny moments. We love you so much pups!

*Please don’t be offended if I refer to her as our baby and to us as her mommy and daddy. It’s just a joke. We know that a dog is nothing like a baby and that she is our pet and not our child. Just wanted to say this because I know some people take offense and I don’t want to disrespect any of my readers, ever!






23 thoughts on “Meet Rosa – The cutest dog ever!

  1. For some reason the pictures won’t show up for me, but I enjoyed reading the story of your pup! 🙂
    I love dogs (and animals in general) so it’s always nice to hear or read about happy animals who have good homes. I have a cat named Bailey and she is like my furry little sidekick. She always likes to be at my side and I love her so much. ❤

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    • I was having the same problem, then I fixed it, now I’m not sure if you are going to be able to see them., Try again 🙂 Baily is such a sweet name! why did you pick that name? (I’m always curious about this things)

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  2. Rosa sounds just like my Bailey. He was the pup nibbling on everyone’s toes and hopping up and down. We had a big reality check when we got him and it was a tough transition. However, just like you, moving to a house with a big backyard made all the difference! He is totally our baby boy! It sounds like Rosa and Bailey would be good friends. Nice to “meet” her! 🙂

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